Winter 2017 Gift & Project: Teacher Tributes Fundraiser


Thank you for considering making a donation to the LMSPA Gift & Project Fund.  Your donation, made in honor of LMS staff member(s) who have touched your child's life in some special way, will be used to fund projects coordinated by the LMSPA that impact students, staff and families.  Each staff member receives a formal letter that lists names of all those who have made a donation in his or her honor.  

Click here to read in more detail about the 2017 Winter Gift & Project: Teacher Tributes fundraising program.  Click here to view/print the Donation/Acknowledgement form.  You may submit your acknowledgements via the paper form or by using the online form below (scroll down this page to view/fill out the form). Please be sure to click "submit" when you have completed the online form.




There are 2 ways to donate.

1)  By Check:  Complete the paper acknowledgement form (download above if needed) and include it with your donation check made out to the LMSPA.  You can mail  your donation to the Ladue Middle School C/O LMSPA Gift & Project Fund at 9701 Conway Road, 63124.  You may also complete the online acknowledgement form below instead of the paper form, if you prefer.  Choose "Check" when asked the payment type for your donation.

2)  Online:  Make your donation online via MySchoolBucks. Be sure to sign in to your myschoolbucks account before selecting the Winter Gift & Project Donation button. If you have not yet added Parent Association-Ladue Middle School as a "district" to your myschoolbucks account, please be sure to do so.  Click here to access the myschoolbucks page.  Once your payment is made, return to this screen to complete the acknowledgement form below or submit the paper form.  Choose MySchoolBucks when asked the payment type for your donation. NOTE:  IF YOU EXPERIENCE PROBLEMS WITH THE LINK, LOGOUT OF YOUR MYSCHOOLBUCKS ACCOUNT AND THEN RETURN TO THIS SCREEN AND CLICK THE LINK AGAIN!  

Please contact Julie Stappenbeck ( or Trish Saleeby ( with any questions.  The LMSPA appreciates your support.  Thank you!

Please use the following form to indicate which staff members you would like to honor with your donation to the LMSPA. Please scroll through the entire form as there are school support staff listed after the grade level teams.  Please be sure to click SUBMIT when you have completed the form. You will see a confirmation message displayed once you have successfully submitted the form.


Student 1 *
Student 1
Enter the name of your child at LMS.
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Student 2
Student 2
Enter the name of your other child at LMS, if applicable.
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Student 3
Student 3
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Student 4
Student 4
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Enter the name as you would like it to be written on the acknowledgement letters. Example: The Blue Family
Please choose Yes if we can publish your name on the LMSPA website and in LMSPA communications or No if you'd prefer your donation be anonymous.
If you said yes to allow us to recognize your donation by publishing your name on the LMSPA website, please enter how you'd like your name to appear on the website, if different from above.
Enter the amount you donated via check or MySchoolBucks for the Winter Gift & Project Fund.
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Acknowledgement section
Please use the following section to acknowledge as many LMS teachers and staff members as you would like. You may check as many or as few boxes as you choose. Please scroll through to the bottom and then press the submit button.
School Administration
6th Grade Administration
6th Grade Orion Team
6th Grade Pegasus Team
6th Grade Phoenix Team
6th Grade Off Team ELA
7th Grade Administration
7th Grade Olympian Team
7th Grade Spartan Team
7th Grade Titan Team
8th Grade Administration
8th Grade Patriot Team
8th Grade Pioneer Team
8th Grade Trailblazer Team
Academic Support
World Languages
Fine Arts
Practical Arts
Physical Education (Boys)/Health
Physical Education (Girls)/Health
Support Staff
Teacher Assistants & Aides
Cafeteria Staff
Custodial Staff
Special School District Staff
ABBCO Evening Custodial Staff