LMSPA Newsletter and Reminder eBlasts

The LMSPA uses MailChimp to communicate with our parent base.  Every other week, the LMSPA sends out an email which contains noteworthy information about things going on at Ladue Middle School.  Reminder emails are also sent on a case by case basis.  

In order to receive the LMSPA newsletter and reminder emails, you must be subscribed to our MailChimp distribution list.  If you are not currently receiving LMSPA eBlasts, please click below.  


Starting this school year, we will be collecting Ring-A-Ram phone directory information using MailChimp.  If you are NOT already receiving email communications, then click on the previous link and subscribe.  At the same time, you can complete all the information needed for your entry in the Ring-A-Ram.  If you are already receiving emails, then you can update your data by either using the email sent to you earlier in the summer with a direct link to your MailChimp record or, you can click on the link above, enter your email address and hit subscribe.  MailChimp will tell you that you are already subscribed and send you an email link to access your existing record.